Sustainable Made Simple for Life & Work

Because every event in life + business is an opportunity for sustainability to take hold - to benefit people, place, culture, economy and community.


Over 75 years of collective experience in events, communications, business, development, technology, community, NGO operations, municipal services, touring, entertainment, nonprofit, information services, marketing, advertising, promotions, production, talent management, operations auditing, impact measurement, consulting, sponsorship, gifting, incentives, awards, programs, campaigns, social media, public relations and much more.

eCo Event Source works with a fresh multidisciplinary experience approach to achieve sustainable motivation and increasing accessibility to resources and technology for protecting and improving quality of life and business for our global human community and as the solution to the challenges we face together.

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Inclusive. Accessible. Passionate. Results-Driven. Open.

Our team is made up of in-touch, empowering, highly-respected experts, hard-working, at-risk, compassionate, professionals and partners. As a group we have a wide diversity of cultures, heritage, places, lifestyles, professions, educations and backgrounds. Our stakeholders also include our event guests, community leaders, educators, at-risk, marginalized, vendors, service providers and developers. Together we’ve worked to change the narrative for responsibility since 1999 and brought those experiences with us to create eCo Event Source. We’ve worked with some of the best from around the world, firms, intellectual property, facility and event owners and agencies, independent and major production companies, manufacturers and distributors – private and public sector, large and small, individuals, projects, programs and campaigns that the world has to offer. What makes us most different in our culture is our commitment to being present, using our witness, experiences, adversity and skills for the interest of contributing to protecting and communicating resource values, making the world a better place today and in the future.

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What we do

We work with clients to remove barriers to sustainability taking hold in society and business through intelligent & responsible gatherings, technology, operations and strategy. We create experiences and solutions that integrate sustainable solutions. We produce plans, coordinate and organize events, marketing, experiences and communications. We help create strategy, analyze,  conduct research and produce sustainable developments. We help people connect with sustainable options for all of their events in life and business. We work with clients from across many industries from concept to clean up, source to shelf, breaking ground to a year-round-calendar.

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Each choice we make is a chance for sustainability to take hold in society. As professionals, leaders and businesses we work to collect, analyze and publish, teach and share data and derived insight and technologies. A conference and a talk, a parade and a pledge from our leaders all help. But these alone won’t make it happen – the power to create actual impact with real change on critical global challenges is on us – in our choices, our decisions, our actions.

Our work is more than just about providing a service. We make sustainable simple, understandable, accessible – efficient & beneficial for our businesses and lifestyles. We can and should be more responsible, profitable and improve quality of life. How we work is a direct benefit to our global human community and for the advancement of responsible business and lifestyle.

Its our job to bring together millions of people every year for a purpose. We’re convincing audiences and clients the values of our consumer brands, opportunities and relationships. So when our founder joined the UN Sustainable Development Networks first ever board discussion along with only two other private sector professionals she went to where she thought the front lines would be – small outlying islands and the empassioned focused her work as usual starting with – Who is and What does our client need? The answer to all: Humanity. 

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# of Ticketed Attendees (only trade shows, highest grossing concerts, conferences)

You’re ready!

We promoted no cost services, consultations and support to professionals and individuals and it was such a huge success – we decided to make it permanent.

For all those curious, frustrated and wanting to have more sustainable lifestyles and businesses – we understand the challenges and we offer valuable and results-driven support for all interested in learning how they could benefit from sustainability. So we offer you two hours of free consulting – no strings attached.

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