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We created eCo Event Source because every event in life and business is an opportunity for choosing sustainable solutions that will improve the human experience. 



Better Lives + Business


Shifting to a better way to live and work should be more simple, accessible and enjoyable. Not exhausting and exclusive.

We use facts, experience, resources, network and analysis to increase responsible growth and profit and reduce loss. We identify potential benefits and options and provide a clear and easy to understand plan for integration, merging or reduction. In the end together we reach our goal: remove barriers to sustainability taking hold in culture, lifestyle and business. We advance and promote responsible solutions, development, growth, education and the improvement of quality of life today and for the future.

We help clients create responsible sustainable businesses, productions, cultural projects, communities, municipalities, NGO’s and solutions. We make complex messages easier to understand and ideas that matter more accessible. We make sustainable simple with a unique marketplace, programs, digital media & information resources. We consult for those who have a great thing going and know it can be better but don’t necessarily know how they can do more to contribute towards solving critical challenges facing our shared global community. We work with purpose to improve and sustain communities, businesses & lifestyles. Our team is made of top-shelf thought-leading, creative rebels. They are results-driven experts, strategists and producers that break the intolerable and irresponsible monotony. Together we’re catalysts & access; forward moving a shift that empowers the best, smart & healthy opportunities. Each gathering and choice is an opportunity to create impact on critical global challenges.

Break it for: Good.

We help clients and partners find value in responsibility. We help them connect, grow, share their story and be available when and where they’re needed. Our clients are B2B and B2C and all share a commitment to making our limited resources last and improving quality of life. Break away from traditional,  think: focus, its going to benefit you and all those whose lives you touch.

Clients include event owners, individuals, leaders, community organizations, Non Governmental Organizations, performing artists, activists, festivals, conferences, trade shows, concerts, touring entertainment, live entertainment, interactive experiences, digital media, broadcasters, production companies, advertisers, marketing agencies, incubators, studios, manufacturers, municipalities, nonprofits and more.

Sustainable Made SIMPLE, Accessible, Valued, First

We create experiences, options and solutions based on experience, knowledge and analysis. We provide purpose driven marketing, technologies, humanities, development and communications. Each project, program or solution embodies our passion for culture, people, place, creativity and economy. Our marketplace provides an ideal location for products and services to connect with intelligence and those who may not have known their services were available or even existed. What makes it unique is that we help our guest users and members get directly to the resources that will make the most sense for them painlessly and in a time saving and enjoyable experience.


We work with clients and partners in a way that organically helps their business fuel solutions for our shared responsibility for the triple bottom line today and the future. We do it with individuals, communities, businesses, government and organizations to become better, stronger, healthier and for some – more available. We do it with relevance, for positive impact with technology, information, strategy, science, humanities, education, media and communications.


We have each participated in world events, shifts in marketing and publicity, having passion for people, place, space and the future combined with growth and time have matured our skills, increased our experience and given us insights that benefit clients in ways they never expect. Every event in life and business is an opportunity to shape outcomes and experiences today and in the future. We seek to improve the human experience and ensure preservation and responsibility for our environment and living through strategic choices that matter for the greater good. It is our great pleasure to host and be host to those who are not only willing but powering a rising sense of responsibility and helping to reach millions through experiences that not only create new perspectives but translate complex and often inaccessible messages and values for all. We are grateful to have partnered with amazing compassionate professionals and communities. We welcome you to ask us how we can help you or your organization or community benefit by helping others and growing a more sustainable future. Every event in life and business is an opportunity for positive growth, learning and improving quality of life sustainably.

We’re proud of the amazing teams & brands we’ve worked with.


Here are a few past & present associates, events, venues, clients and partners:


ASCAPCracker BarrelTiffany & Co., United Nations Global Headquarters, City of Tallahassee, Green Toys, Miro District, Christian Audigier/Ed HardyThe Cocoa Tree, Pottery BarnMacy’s , Juicy Couture, Stellar Awards, Terrazzo Nashville, Tennessean, Little TwigVarsong Water, Sundance,  American Airlines Arena, Earth Communications Office (ECO), Arcadia Home, The Sejour Group, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Essence Festival, Grow Free and GLAAD Media Awards to name a few. For a full list or case studies please email 

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